Mariannes Tutorials

Thanks so much for Stopping by my tutorials. I have put a lot of work in these and all I ask is that you do not place these in scripts with PSP 8 or send these through Emails. If you would like to use these in a group then please use a link only as it is not that hard to do. These tutorials are my idle creations any similarity is purely coincidental. Please take in mind that there is a lot of hard work that goes in to making tutorials that we all learn from and it is hard when stealing becomes involved. I for one have had one stolen and it hurt to see the person using it especially when she was in one of the groups I am in. With that said Please enjoy the tutorials and I hope you stop back by to what is new.



Happy Pumpkin

New  Oct.10,2004


 Animated Lake with Frame

**New Oct 12,2004**


 Squirelly Day

New 10-20-04




Snowman N Friend

        Dec 5th

      Teddys    Christmas


   Candy Cane

     With Bow




Valentines Bear


Jan 21.2004


  Pixel Penguin

 Jan 23,2004










    Lil Piggies


       Santa Tut


Ghost Pumpkin


Spring Butterfly




Sunflower Fence


Flower Beauty

 Fiber Optic   Pumpkin








   Bunny Tag


Traffic Light


Spring Mailbox










More Coming Soon!




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